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Print media advertising

The world does not stand still and more often refers to electronic publications. However, do not forget or underestimate the print alternative. Efficiency, accessibility, wide coverage, highly specialized target audience, its detailed segmentation – all these are the advantages of advertising in the press.

Do you want to hit the bull’s-eye of your target audience and reach the maximum number of potential customers? Then you definitely need print advertising!

Delta Design’s experienced professionals offer the following media advertising services.

Our services

  • Development of bright layouts
  • Ready-made templates formatting
  • Texts editing
  • Adaptation of corporate advertising for regional use, specifics and requirements of publications
  • Selection of publications of the current segment for your target audience

Benefits of print ads

Advertisements in newspapers and magazines, leaflets and booklets, catalogs and calendars – all these are types of print advertising. A wide selection makes it possible to choose the relevant thematic publication for almost any product or service. Moreover, such advertising has many other advantages:

  • affordable price of placement;
  • efficiency of manufacturing;
  • long-term advertising contact.

Advertising in newspapers, magazines and other periodicals provides repeated contact with the consumer, because the publication is often viewed several times. And if it is, for example, a calendar or a notebook, then the frequency of contact increases significantly.

Why should you contact us?

  • We promote agricultural companies in Ukraine and know all the subtleties of advertising in this direction media. More than 14 years of experience and hundreds of successful projects prove this.
  • We do not only work as an intermediary between the customer and the media, but also draw the design of advertising banners, adapt corporate symbols for advertising.
  • We follow trends from all over the world, study successful cases and apply the best ideas.
  • We are not afraid of experiments and are always open to suggestions.
  • We respect your time and know the price of good solutions at the right time. Therefore, we are always in touch – by phone or in messengers.

Do you want to order effective advertising in print media? Leave a request on the website, call or visit our office in Kyiv – Delta Design advertising agency will always find the most relevant solution and an individual approach to your products!