Logo development

The logo is the most important component of the brand’s visual. This is the basis of individual style and the first thing the audience see and remember. Creating a company logo is a real art, and we know how to implement the boldest ideas and design a catchy logo.

In Delta Design you can order a brand logo: our designers create images that fully meet customer expectations and are remembered for a long time.

Qualitative logo

  • Memorable at first sight
  • Easily recognizable on any information medium and in any size
  • Makes people trust and admire it
  • Fully reflects the nature of the brand

Creative agency Delta Design develops logos to order for any purpose. We develop:

  • logos for websites;
  • logos for offline and online stores;
  • emblems for brand products;
  • logos for branded printing, clothing, souvenirs, etc.

Besides, we can:

  • redesign your old logo;
  • develop a logo design for the company from scratch;
  • provide professional advice on improving the existing logo;
  • adapt logos for different visual media (print, electronic version, placement on billboards, etc.).

Why you should order a brand logo from us?

  • We don’t just create logos, we create brand history. Not every company has an impressive past, but every may have a logo that will be remembered for a long time.
  • We are not afraid to cope with difficult tasks and implement the boldest ideas.
  • We use the best world experience and always follow relevant design trends.
  • We put a lot of sense and painstaking work into every element of corporate identity to make your brand bright and noticeable.
  • We appreciate easy and open communication, so we are always in touch in messengers.
  • We know the price of time, so we work in a short time, if the client needs it.

How to create a company logo?

Brand logo development is a painstaking process consisting of:

  • careful study of all trends and tendencies;
  • analysis of the customer’s company: the niche in which it operates, development history, etc .;
  • study of competitors and their brand strategy;
  • creation of a portrait of the target audience;
  • development of a general idea and strategy of corporate style;
  • creation of multiple logo options for different needs.

What does a logo consist of?

Finding an idea for a brand logo is only part of the task. For its successful implementation it is necessary to combine all the components of a quality logo.


It can be:

  • symbolic: as Apple has;
  • text: as Facebook has;
  • as a logo: as Starbucks has;
  • or combined: as Adidas has.


This is the most expressive part of the logo. The color reflects the emotions and the message of the brand. Therefore, this choice should be approached responsibly. The entire brand identity should evoke the appropriate associations. By the way, branded solutions for the agricultural sector, in which we specialize, are not limited to green. Do not be afraid to experiment, choose bold palettes of shades, and we will make them a real masterpiece!

When you order a logo design from Delta Design, you get:

  • a visual image that reflects your vision of your own performance in the market;
  • high-quality layout, which is built according to the technological requirements of printing;
  • color and monochrome versions of the logo;
  • color vector logos in Pantone and CMYK printing systems;
  • color vector or raster logos in the RGB system for use in websites and applications;
  • monochrome vector logo, adapted for engraving or cutting (cutter, laser, etc.);
  • all source files are provided in eps formats, and if necessary in ai, cdr, emf.

Details create an image: tell the world about you with the help of a company logo!

Create the history of your company together with Delta Design!