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Development of banner advertising

Every company wants to be known, recognized and increase its sales. There are many tools for achieving these goals, and advertising on the Internet (banner advertising) occupies an important place among them. Its main task is to attract attention, make a potential client to follow a link and act on the website (purchase a product, order a service).

How to do it? Contact Delta Design agency – we have a great experience in developing various static and animated advertising banners for websites.

Our designers know how to combine:

  • colors
  • images
  • creative graphics
  • important message
  • call to action

What banners do we offer?

  • Graphic – high quality vertical or horizontal static banners at an affordable price
  • GIF banners – animated pictures, which consist of several graphic elements, repeating in a certain sequence
  • HTML banners – consist of several objects: text, images, video and scripts, a combination of vector and raster graphics
  • Flash banners – bright videos with a lot of information, which are created using vector graphics:
  • Rich media – pops up above the page while it is loading or when you hover a mouse on a certain block;
  • Top Line – placed along the top of the site;
  • Popunder – opens in a separate window without overlapping web pages.

Ordering a banner, keep in mind that the price depends on the type (for example, the static version will be cheaper than the animated one), as well as on the overall design complexity.

Most popular banner ad sizes

  • Full banner: 728 x 90
  • Wide skyscraper: 160 x 600
  • Inline rectangle: 300 x 250
  • Large rectangle: 336 x 280
  • Standard banner: 468 x 60
  • Mobile banner 320 x 50

How to order the development of banners

Send an application through the website, call or visit our office to discuss the project, your wishes and budget. Be sure to prepare a list of websites where you would like to advertise so that we can see the color scheme of sites and avoid “banner blindness” – a situation when a banner merges with other parts of the web page. In the shortest time we will develop several options for layouts with a bright design and a catchy text, using only modern trends in advertising and design. After agreement with the customer, we immediately start working, and after completion we can help with the placement of the banner.

We also create other formats of advertising products for placement on the Internet, in particular corporate presentations and electronic greetings.

Your company is worth effective advertising! Contact Delta Design – we will take care of your brand!