Key visual development

“I can recognize you among thousands of others” – these are the words every brand dreams to hear from its audience. If you want to make this dream come true, you need to work hard on brand positioning: to create a corporate identity and a key brand image.

Key visual is a visual image of the company’s main message. It should be simple and noticeable at the same time. It should easily attract the consumer and contain information about the brand’s product and its main qualities.

KV (or Key visual) is more than a logo; it can advantageously complement the attributes of corporate identity, but its main purpose is to tell the story and emphasize the identity of the brand.

The key image is actively used in advertising and in all brand images. For example, let’s recall the famous pink rabbit from battery advertising or the legendary red sole of Christian Louboutin. It is such vivid visual images that form the key vision of the brand in the audience.

Key visual development is not just a publicity stunt, it is a comprehensive strategy that will stay with the brand for a long time. This is a kind of “poster” of your brand or product. Therefore, it is worth working well on each visual image.

Order a service to create a key image in Delta Design and get a professional and stylish key visual for your brand!

What gives a quality key image?

  • Brand awareness and a memorable advertising image
  • Brand identity and advantageous difference from competitors
  • Target audience expansion and sales growth
  • Complement corporate identity and emphasize brand ideas
  • The basis for the visual concept and design in all subsequent brand communications

The key image from Delta Design is a successful combination of creativity, the latest trends in design and a thought-out reflection of the main idea of ​​your brand. Our designers always try to recreate all your wishes and the boldest visions.

We care about brands and make them recognizable!

How to create a key visual

  1. We thoroughly study the history and philosophy of the brand, get acquainted with the products and ask customers to fill out a brief containing key information about the company’s work.
  2. Then analyze the main competitive advantages, pros and cons of the brand, the market situation and collect a portrait of the consumer.
  3. After a detailed audit of the company, we develop several options for the key vision of the brand and present them to the client.
  4. Together with the customer we choose the best ideas for key visual and implement them.

High-quality KV is the key to successful communication of the brand with the world. We create an effective image for you that can be broadcast on many ad channels.

Because a well-thought-out key visual is:

  • simple and clear;
  • unique;
  • noticeable;
  • well adaptable to different ad slots.

We are always open to the boldest ideas and can make a noticeable and stylish visual image that evokes emotions.

Our designers know how to combine:

  • correct color
  • images
  • creative graphics
  • the main character of the brand
  • important message

From these “ingredients” we create quality key images that will tell about your brand for many years in a row.

What else do we offer our customers?

  • Easy and pleasant communication
  • 24/7 staying in touch in messengers
  • Favorable prices
  • Professional approach and only modern trends in advertising and design

Don’t delay your brand promotion – now is the time to surprise the world!

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