Development of packaging design

Do you know what is the secret of proper packaging?

The wrapper should make you want to buy a product, or at least touch it, find out what is inside. Therefore, the feeling of something incredible, the expectation of a miracle that accompanies you when you unpack a gift, cannot be compared with anything else.

Proper packaging is the best advertisement and an incentive to buy a thing. That is why the packaging design for your product or souvenir product is no less important than the product itself.

Entrust the development and production of modern packaging to professionals: the Delta Design advertising agency will help you to create attractive and stylish packaging for:

  • branded gifts;
  • corporate souvenirs (calendars, catalogs, stationery, etc.);
  • serial production goods.

Gift wrap

Want to surprise your clients or partners with a creative gift? Then you should definitely think about the appropriate packaging of a souvenir. A good and well-thought-out packaging will tell you how carefully you treat this process, and therefore the value of your gift will increase significantly.

What should you look for when choosing a gift box?

  • Corporate identity – the one who receives the gift must understand at a glance who it is from. The use of corporate design elements in packaging will make your gift recognizable among others.
  • Creativity – you need to successfully combine restraint, creative intent and brand design elements to make your packaging unique and interesting.
  • Quality – don’t save on packaging, this can negatively affect the overall impression of the gift.

Delta Design develops and produces custom gift boxes and packaging for souvenirs.

From idea to finished packaging – we have been creating branded packaging for over 10 years. Our designers offer clients only modern and stylish solutions.

Packaging for goods

Informativeness and visibility are the main factors that will help your packaging stand out from the competition. How can this be achieved? Very simple:

  • Do not be afraid of bold experiments;
  • Trust the development of packaging to experienced specialists.

Delta Design offers services for:

  • design of labels for goods;
  • design and layout of the packaging layout for the company’s products.

We guarantee that your packaging will be unique and your image will be memorable at first sight.

Professional designers of our agency take into account all the nuances and offer you the most optimal packaging options in terms of colour combinations and even psychological perception by a consumer.

How we work on packaging

  1. Market and brand analysis. Before starting work on design, we carefully study the company, product, competitors and consumer profile. Without such analysis, it is impossible to create high-quality packaging that can fulfil its main mission: to interest the audience.
  2. Selection of the type of packaging and materials. The design of corporate packaging will also depend on this. Paper or plastic box, polyethylene or a combination of different materials – each type of logo, lettering or drawing will look different.
  3. Concept coordination of packaging and materials with the customer.
  4. Design and development of packaging layout.
  5. Customization of packaging at the request of the client. To emphasize the high status of the brand and create unique packaging, you can use many methods: varnishing, embossing, foiling, etc.

We create noticeable, bright and unique packaging: we implement ideas, offer modern solutions, develop effective packaging that is remembered at first sight.

Right packaging:

  • is a visual embodiment of the main idea of ​​your brand;
  • stands out among others and is immediately remembered;
  • contains all the necessary information about a product or company;
  • has a bright and modern design.

Looking for such a combination? Contact the Delta Design advertising agency. We create stylish packaging at affordable prices for brands that value quality.

When you choose Delta Design, you can be 100% sure of:

  • our responsibility – we always adhere to deadlines;
  • understanding – we know that sometimes we need to do the work for “yesterday”;
  • quality – we use only modern tools and focus on global trends in advertising and design;
  • professionalism – we have been working for over 14 years and have an effective team of highly qualified specialists;
  • feedback – we are always in touch at any convenient time for you.

We are always glad to receive your letters by e-mail and calls by phone, which is indicated below. And we especially happy for live meetings.

So, let’s talk about good packaging! We’re happy to share everything about an effectiveness of first impressions. Looking forward to seeing you!