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Design of catalogs and brochures

The development of a catalog or booklet is a creative and rather labor-intensive process: you need to think creatively, competently turn ideas into original layouts, perform high-quality page making and printing.

Marketing agency Delta Design is always ready to create an excellent catalog design: the creative approach and professionalism of our designers will provide high-quality printing materials.

We will help your company to make the best impression and attract new customers.

What to choose: a catalog, a brochure or a booklet?

Advertising catalogs or brochures are the most informative type of advertising products. Such materials give a potential client a lot of specific and detailed information about the company (name, corporate colors, logo, idea, price list, product catalog, etc.), its products or services, and contact information.

A booklet (leaflet) is a printed sheet of paper folded in half or several times. Its advantage is in the compactness and volume of information presented systematically and logically in separate blocks and pages. The original design of the booklet and the post-printing processing (varnishing, embossing, lamination, etc.) make the consumer want to open it and read every single detail.

Designing and printing booklets is less expensive than full-length multi-page catalogs or brochures; however, due to its compact size, this ad format cannot always contain all the necessary information. Choose brochures when you need to introduce your brand to a wide audience, a significant part of which hears about you for the first time. A more voluminous catalog will interest a potential client who is already familiar with the company and, perhaps, wants to cooperate.

Our services

Delta Design offers the development of catalogs and brochures of any complexity at a reasonable price and in the shortest possible time. Our designers create original concepts aimed at solving information, advertising and image tasks. A well-designed advertisement encourages consumers to purchase a product or a desire to use a service.

Working on the design of catalogs and brochures, we follow these rules:

  • simple and clear;
  • laconic – without unnecessary details;
  • more convincing information about the company or product, confirmed by facts;
  • only bright and high-quality materials.

Delta Design’s advertising strategies and tactics are the desired result that you have been waiting for so long!

Leave a request on our website, call or come to our cozy office in Kiev to order a catalog or booklet design.