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Page making and printing of corporate publications

Are you sure that no one reads newspapers and magazines in the digital age? You might be surprised, but this is not the case. For many people, reading a printed publication is still a relevant and enjoyable experience.

Notably, it concerns the corporate press – these are the periodicals of companies that create an information field for employees, partners and clients.

Do you want to build an effective communication strategy in the internal and external spheres? Order the printing of newspapers and magazines in the advertising agency Delta Design!

We know everything about modern design, high-quality page making and printing of stylish corporate publications.

Why do companies need their own press?

  • Source of information. For large enterprises, the newspaper is like a loudspeaker that delivers important messages from the management, talking about achievements, innovations and other news.
  • Fostering the corporate spirit. Periodicals create a sense of belonging to a common cause. Each employee who receives a newspaper is an important part of a large, unified mechanism: he is appreciated and respected.
  • Source of brand promotion. For partners and clients, the magazine with brand names and useful articles will become a constant reminder of your company. You can contact it from time to time to search for this or that information, to get acquainted with the brand’s products or important nuances regarding the work of the company. You can also post your own or partner ads in your own magazine.

A stylish, bright, interesting publication with a well-thought-out structure and useful texts is an important component of your company’s image.

Choose only the best solutions for corporate newspapers and magazines – order the production of corporate press in Delta Design!

Types of periodicals for a brand

  • Press for employees is a powerful internal communication tool for any company. Inform employees about all important news, congratulate them on their achievements, tell them about tasks or innovations, keep the corporate culture at a high level using a print publication within your own company. A newspaper is best suited for this purpose.
  • Print editions for clients and partners – a separate type of press for external brand promotion. You can talk about your products, announce the release of new products, promotions, exhibitions etc. The main goal of such publications is to create a positive image of the company. Most often, magazines or booklets are ordered for this task.
  • Advertising press – newspapers, brochures, magazines published at regular intervals and containing advertisements for your brand.

We do not recommend our clients to combine any of these types of press in one publication, because such a mixed newspaper or magazine may not meet the selected audiences’ interests. Choose one or more options for designing a publication based on your goal.

Stages of creating a corporate press

  1. Idea. We develop a design and concept for your newspaper or magazine: we will implement any creative ideas or update the old design and make it modern.
  2. Layout. We make a professional layout after discussing and agreeing on all the details.
  3. Newspaper or magazine page making. We combine the articles prepared by you in advance with our layout and make up the publication.
  4. Printing. We print corporate press of any complexity. We use only high-quality newsprint. You can order an unlimited circulation of copies – we print both small circulation of newspapers or magazines, and large orders as well.

What does the price for designing and printing publications depend on?

The basic cost of the publication development includes the following services:

  • development of a general print style;
  • cover design;
  • layout design and the publication page making based on it;
  • printing services.

Additionally, you can order from our company:

  • selection and preparation of illustrations or photos;
  • development of an electronic version of a corporate periodical.

Besides, the cost of printing will depend on the selected type of paper: format (A4, A3, A2, etc.) and quality (standard coated, economy, kraft, etc.).

Why it is worth ordering printing of periodicals from Delta Design

  • We are always responsible for deadlines – our clients are confident that the products will be done on time.
  • We do not save on quality – our periodicals compare favourably with competitors not only in stylish design, but also in pleasant quality of paper and printing.
  • We deliver products to any place in Ukraine and are always in touch with our clients in messengers (even after hours).
  • We know everything about modern design and world trends in the field of printing and advertising – which means that you will always be one step ahead of competitors and receive a bright and noticeable publication that will interest your employees and customers.

Visit our office in Kyiv or write us an email, and we will be happy to advise you on where to start working on the release of your own corporate edition. It’s easy to be stylish and modern with Delta Design!