Corporate identity development

How to recognize a brand among hundreds of thousands of others? Of course, with a corporate identity! A look, an image, a corporate style – all these concepts reflect a single essence: when a person sees certain corporate colours or logo, they must unmistakably remind him or her the certain company.

Corporate identity – is a set of information, the only concept of brand representation, which depicts its essence, values ​​and forms the overall image. Brand identity is reflected in all advertising materials, publications and other communications of the company with the world.

The main components of corporate identity

  • Brand name
  • Logo
  • Graphic image
  • Corporate colours
  • Company motto or slogan

Identity is not just visual images, it is a unique message of your brand. It is important not only for advertising campaigns, but also for the formation of team spirit. Corporate style reveals the character, ideology and philosophy of the brand.

Well-thought-out corporate identity

  • Forms a unique image of the brand and its recognizability among the audience
  • Makes the brand visible among competitors
  • Increases trust in the company and helps to improve the image

Developing a corporate identity is a difficult and very responsible job. It is worth thinking about it before starting your business.

Advertising agency Delta Design offers services to develop brand identity at any stage. You can order from us:

  • creating a corporate identity from scratch – starting with the brand name and ending with the release of corporate advertising products;
  • development of separate components of corporate style: logo, graphic environment, etc.;
  • complete rebranding of the company or refinement of corporate identity to meet urgent needs;
  • development of the general concept of visual representation of a brand or design of any element of corporate style.

Get rid of stereotypes that corporate identity is an expensive pleasure for large companies! Delta Design will create a corporate image for any business at the best price.

Why us?

  • Because we know the price of every thought-out detail: how colours affect the overall perception of the brand, how the right fonts and graphic symbols inspire the trust of the audience and how the company name can tell everything about it.
  • Because we pay close attention to creating a design for different purposes and for each of the advertising media: we develop the appropriate elements of style, taking into account the printing formats or other purpose of use.
  • Because we value simple and convenient communication, and therefore always in touch with customers in messengers.
  • Because we have great experience and use the latest world trends in design and advertising.

How to create a corporate identity?

  1. We conduct a detailed analysis of a company, discuss with a client a mission, philosophy and goals of the brand to reflect them in the identity.
  2. Create a single brand concept and a detailed description of each element. We treat all attributes of corporate style responsibly and offer to create a brand book to all our clients. This document contains a general concept of corporate identity and a detailed description of all its elements. This helps to capture the unique identity in the best possible way.
  3. Create a logo and graphic environment.
  4. We develop and adapt all elements of style for different types of advertising media.

Your ideas are worth implementing! And your company deserves to be noticeable. Order professional corporate identity development at Delta Desing and create a unique image of your brand!

Not sure where to start working on a corporate style? Start from applying on our website, call or visit our office in Kiev. We sincerely enjoy live communication and are always open to new interesting ideas!

Be noticeable with Delta Design!