Development of POS materials

POS (Point of sales) materials are advertising materials that are placed directly in a store, salon or other point of sale of products. Their main task is to attract the attention of the buyer, to convey key information about a product or service in a short period of time and to motivate him/her for making a purchase. Well-designed and well-placed POS materials are the key to driving sales in any offline trade.

Advertising agency Delta Design will create effective promotional materials for you: based on the specifics of your brand, we will select the optimal format, color scheme, style and layout at a reasonable price.

Types of POS materials

Today there is a wide range of types for store advertisements. It is not necessary to choose one thing: often different formats of POS materials perform better when combined with each other.

  • Wobblers – an advertising format that is very widespread in shops, has a low cost, but excellent efficiency. These are relatively small printed images, designed in a corporate style, with a logo and brief information about the product, which are attached to the shelves using a flexible stand. The wobbler sways from any movement of air, together with a bright design it helps to attract attention well.
  • Shelf talkers – as a rule, these are cardboard strips that are placed along the edges of the shelves with a certain product and make it stand out from others. Like the previous type, they are inexpensive; and immobility is compensated by the fact that they point directly to the target product – it becomes almost impossible to miss it.
  • Pavement signs – strong sliding structures with legs, which are usually placed at the entrance to the store (outside or inside). They help the buyer not to miss your point of sale, distinguish it among the neighbours and get interested in the product even before visiting the store.
  • Banners and lightboxes – these formats are very common in outdoor advertising, but they are also used inside sale points. A banner is a rectangular piece of material with a printed advertisement, and a lightbox is a similar image placed in a bright light box. The advantage of such materials is the great variety of sizes and locations: they can be hung from the ceiling, placed on the wall or placed on the floor.
  • Flags and garlands – the name speaks for itself. Advertising images in this case are small, but this is compensated by their number. Also, garlands and flags fill the space beautifully and add a festive atmosphere to the store when it’s
  • Stoppers – full-length figures depicting brand characters, advertising plots, etc., which are located in the path of the buyer. Their task is to make a person stop, pay all attention to the advertised product, even if he/she did not plan to buy it.
  • Show boxes and stands with brochures or leaflets containing information about the product. They are useful, because an interested client can immediately read more about the product, and the contact time increases.
  • Bottle collars – advertising tags put on bottles with goods.
  • Product moulages in full size or oversized.
  • Electronic advertisements displayed from a monitor or projector. Their variety is limited only by the designer’s imagination.

What quality modern POS materials should be?

  • An emphasis on the image is very necessary, because only the text itself is unlikely to be able to quickly attract the attention of the client.
  • Short and easy to understand. The contact time of buyers with such an advertisement is usually short, so they must have time to process the information and remember your brand.
  • Correctly placed (in a place where a buyer will clearly notice them).
  • Contain a call to targeted action (purchasing goods, ordering services).
  • Arouse in the audience only positive emotions and impressions.

Why is it worth ordering the production of POS materials in Delta Design?

  • Professional approach and rich experience: we understand which advertising will attract potential customers better. Many successful projects prove this.
  • Full development cycle: formulation of ideas, creation of a layout, design, page making, planning of placement scheme and, finally, printing and delivery of finished materials.
  • Responsibility: we know how to work on short terms and follow deadlines.
  • Simple and convenient communication: we listen to all your suggestions, discuss the project with you and are always in touch – by phone or in messengers.

Do you want your store to attract maximum customers? Then don’t hesitate and contact Delta Design: we will help you to create exactly those POS materials you need!