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Outdoor advertising

Bright, noticeable and striking at a glance – that’s exactly how your outdoor advertising should be! Delta Design media agency offers services for the development and placement of street advertising of all kinds: from signs to large facade advertising structures.

Trendy design, creative slogans and a unique brand style – this is our signature “recipe” for the quality promotion of a company.

We know how to make your brand noticeable! Stylish and colorful outdoor advertising from Delta Design is a spectacular way to tell about yourself.

Outdoor advertising is one of the oldest forms of promotion. The first wooden constructions appeared more than thousand years ago. They informed about the Olympic Games, which were to be held, and invited people to visit them. Since then, there have been many types of outdoor advertising structures.

At the advertising agency Delta Design you can order the production of popular types of outdoor advertising at a favorable price.


It is an outdoor advertising, placed in front of the entrance and informs about what is inside the building. We produce signs of different shapes (flat, volumetric, shaped, etc.), with and without LED backlighting.


They are also called a wall panel or firewall. Usually large wall banners are installed on the facades of buildings. Due to the scale of such advertising is clearly visible, and its cost is not very high.

This successful combination makes the firewalls quite popular advertising design. Additionally, you can order the installation of lighting – then your ads will attract attention at any time of day.


This is a modern type of outdoor advertising; a box with an image on the front side and the illumination in the form of a LED module or tape. You can place ads on one or both sides of lightbox. The advantages of such a design is a long service life and relatively low cost.


This type of construction includes billboards, exhibition stands, photo zones, roll-ups, etc. The main advantage of such advertising – mobility, low price and high efficiency. Bright stands are noticeable on the street or at thematic events.

We produce stands of any complexity. Choose the most suitable type of outdoor advertising and entrust the design, development and placement to professionals.

Volume letters

One more modern type of external constructions. Suitable for stores, cafes, restaurants, etc. The letters can be made of plastic, plywood, wood, composite and any other materials. You can also place internal or external illumination on the letters.


One of the most popular types of advertising. In general terms a billboard is a large board containing advertising or any informational message. Classic billboard consists of a metal frame, support and the billboard itself.

For higher efficiency of outdoor advertising you can choose one of the many modern modifications of billboards:

  • Superboards – a very large-sized billboard on a high support, usually installed outside the city
  • Prismatron – the front side of such a billboard consists of trihedral prisms, which rotate. Each of them has an image on it, which changes as the prism rotates at a certain interval;
  • Roller displays – somewhat smaller billboards with a roller system. One banner with several advertising offers can be placed inside the construction, it rotates.

We can also produce:

  • city lights;
  • advertising structures for placement on the roof;
  • signs on a bracket;
  • signs for facades;
  • advertising banners for placement on cars;
  • other types of outdoor advertising.

Benefits of outdoor advertising from Delta Design

  • Comprehensive approach to brand promotion. We develop advertising taking into account the philosophy and corporate style of the company.
  • Creativity. We just love to implement your most daring ideas and are not afraid to use bright trends. Our advertising will make your brand noticeable!
  • Creating a positive brand image. We care about preserving the holistic image of your company, so we carefully select ideas to emphasize the key vision.
  • Increasing sales. Outdoor advertising works around the clock; in addition, we choose the best locations to place it so your potential customers can see it.
  • Turnkey services. We offer a full range of services for outdoor advertising: from idea generation to placement of advertising structure. And we also take care of the paperwork and necessary permits for the installation.

Also we:

  • we place advertising not only in Kyiv but also in other cities of Ukraine;
  • we are always in touch in messengers;
  • we take care of your brand image;
  • we use only modern materials and constructions;
  • we create a design taking into account the best world trends in the advertising industry.

When you choose Delta Design, you choose stylish and creative advertising. It is so easy to be bright – order outdoor advertising in those who know how to create masterpieces!

Call us, write us or come to our office in Kiev. Learn more about modern advertising from Delta Design!