Brand development, trademark

You has started your own business and made a cool product – it’s time for everyone to know about it! But how to start working on the market? Create your brand!

Developing a new brand is a very important stage for starting your business, and we know everything about cool branding!

We give a name. We position. We visualize.

Entrust your brand to experienced professionals. Advertising agency Delta Design offers a range of turnkey brand development services.

Our services

  • Brand development from scratch
  • Naming
  • Creating a strategy for brand positioning in the market
  • Corporate identity design

What is branding?

Product development is only the halfway. It must be also brought to market and not only attract consumers, but also stand out among competitors.

Your brand should be

  • Noticeable
  • Creative
  • Modern
  • Stylish
  • Credible

This is why branding is needed. It is designed to create a holistic image of the brand, which will include the mission, philosophy and main values ​​of the brand, as well as important for the perception of consumers visual attributes.

Successful brands are created from a good idea

Creating a brand is a real magic, consisting of a global idea, creativity and hard work. We are very responsible in developing a brand from scratch: step by step we collect a complex puzzle that will emphasize your uniqueness.

Branding is a set of services consisting of:

  • analysis of the market, competitors, the niche in which the business operates and the consumers target audience;
  • defining the mission and objectives of the brand;
  • development of a comprehensive strategy for brand positioning, taking into account the mission and philosophy of the brand;
  • brand naming;
  • creation of a brand book – a document that contains all the elements of brand identity and all the attributes of corporate identity.

What does a brand consist of?

Brand name

Naming is a real art, because, as we know, a word can heal and kill. Many brands have “died” because of a bad name or its ambiguous meaning in another language. The brand name should be clear, accurately reflect the main idea of ​​your brand and not have ambiguous interpretations, especially after translation. Finding such a successful combination is a science. And we know all its subtleties.


To see once, to remember and to recognize at once among thousands of others are the main missions of a qualitative logo. Here you can order the creation of a logo for your brand, which will distinguish it from thousands of other brands. Our designers use the best world trends to put any of your ideas into practice.

Corporate identity

Successful corporate style is the popularity, recognition and growth of your business. We know how to make your brand stand out. A well-thought-out identity is the key to successful brand promotion on the market. In the advertising agency Delta Design you can order the development of corporate identity separately or get it as part of a comprehensive service for brand development.

Why choose us?

  • We are experts in advertising in the agricultural sector of Ukraine and know all the subtleties of brand promotion in this area. More than 14 years of experience and hundreds of successful projects speak for themselves.
  • We collect the best ideas and trends from around the world, study the most successful cases and offer you only relevant solutions.
  • We are not afraid of experiments and are always open to suggestions. We implement the most creative ideas and know how to make your brand stand out.
  • We respect your time and know the price of good decisions at the right time, so we are always in touch in messengers.

Strong brands are created by strong teams! We are waiting for you – leave a request on the website, call or visit our office in Kyiv.

Order turnkey brand development from Delta Design advertising agency and be noticeable!