How to make a good calendar?

Why do you need a calendar and how to a make good one…

How to strengthen the ties with the target audience? How to remind yourself, share your achievements, and… give pleasant gifts! And how to put all these things together? A designer calendar may be the right answer! It’s both a wall or table décor, promotion of your business, and a useful thing. Of course, if the job is well done.

How to get it right?

Start preparations in advance. Why?

Layout design. A unique calendar requires unique ideas. This takes time. The more sophisticated the idea, the more time it takes to develop and approve it. Make sure you have at least 2-3 weeks for this step. Next, consider the process operations.

Types of operations

  • Cutting – It takes time to make cutters and the cutting process itself is also time-consuming.
  • Embossing and hot stamping – The production of a stamp, especially a multilevel one, may take up to several working days.
  • Manual operations – If your calendar is decorated with a flower, bow, lacing, or whatever – all this is hard work people do manually. Add time for this too. Especially when your calendar is made from original materials.

Material. Remember to take time for the purchase, delivery, and processing of the material if you’re going to impress everyone with something special. Today calendars are made from wood, fabric, plastic, metal, and many other materials – the imagination of designers has no boundaries. But it also takes a lot of time. How much? No one can say for sure but add a few weeks more.

Printing and assembly. Printing takes 7-10 business days, but it also depends on the paper and ink, so do not stress.

Finally, everything is printed and cut out. Now we need to put all the pieces together. Flip calendars, planners, quarter ones – for all these items workers select sheets and attach them to the base, and the more original the design, the longer the process.

So when to start preparing your calendar? It’s not too early now! Mend your sails while the weather is fine and don’t forget about a calendar!

Ps… ? There are many calendars but a few clients. You know, not all calendars end up on your client’s table or a wall? Bad news? We make the ones that will definitely hang on the wall. ?


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